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    We are dedicated on growing our community to be able to build a greater and bigger future for the Cacao Industry.

  • Salute to all the Farmers

    Our Food is the result of their Hardwork!

  • Fermented in Boxes, dried under the sun

    The secret to bring out the best flavor and aroma comes from proper fermentation

Committed to Halal

We ensure that all raw materials and ingredients sourced are Halal-complaint and Halal-certified

Committed to Quality

We ensure the highest standards of hygiene, quality and food safety.

Supporting Local Farmers

All our ingredients are sourced from our trusted local farmers.

Delivered with care

Our delivery process is carefully designed to ensure your product is delivered safely and on time.

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About Us

Established since 2018

Established since 2018

MS3 AGRI-VENTURES CORP. is a corporation registered in the Philippines and made up of farmers who have come together through community and culture. We believe that a thriving community should always be founded in the culture of generosity. Remarkable things have happened just by being surrounded with the people who are just as earnest and dedicated in our cause.

By the simple act of cultivating our farms, we do whatever we can to contribute and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.


Free shipping nationwide for a minimum order of Php 3,000

If you order on a Friday after 3PM, please note that it will be shipped out the following Monday.

Free shipping nationwide for a minimum order of Php 3,000


Where does your cacao come from? Where are your products manufactured?

Our cacao beans are grown, harvested and processed at Davao city (Single-Origin).

What type of sugar do you use?

We use local cane sugar for chocolate peanut spread. We also use Halal certified coconut sugar for chocolate bars.

Does your chocolate contain any milk or dairy products?

No, our products are dairy free.

Does your products gluten-free?

Yes, all our products are gluten free

Does your products vegan friendly?

Yes, all of our products are vegan

What is the difference between Couverture and Compound Chocolate?

Couverture chocolate is made from chocolate liquor or cocoa mass, the rich smooth paste obtained by grinding sun-dried and roasted cocoa beans. Chocolate liquor contains both cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Compound chocolate, on the other hand, is made using cocoa powder, which is made from the remnant cocoa solids after cocoa butter has been separated from chocolate liquor. In place of cocoa butter, compound chocolate contains vegetable fats like cottonseed, soybean or palm kernel oil.

How to store the chocolate bars?

Keep them cool (around 18 degrees) and dry, but not in the fridge. Moisture condenses on the bar and affects the quality of the bars. Water and the fat of the cocoa butter do not tolerate each other.

Do you offer bulk (by kg) chocolate orders?

Yes, we do on special requests. Please contact us at sales@agri-ventures.com for your requirements.

Do you offer customized packaging and corporate giveaways?

Yes. we do on special requests. Please contact us at sales@agri-ventures.com for your requirements.


Customer Feedback

  • "Super love this spread, vegan friendly and not too sweet"

    Lyne Delmo

  • "Great quality chocolates! They're so good but it doesn't make you feel guilty because the sweetness and richness are just perfect!"

    Jelai Torrejos

  • "When my fiancÚ finally tried it, she loved the flavor of the dark chocolate. When ever she studies she will eat a small amount of it because it helps her during her studies."

    Donovan Blankenship

In the media

Chocolate capital of PH

The Department of Agriculture, headed by Secretary William Dar, has recognized and formally announced that the city of Davao is now the Cacao Capital of the Philippines because of its continuous production of high-quality cacao beans.

Featuring MS3 Chocolates

HALAL Certified Chocolates are processed and how it helps our Local Cacao Farmers.

Many Thanks to the AgriPreneur Team of GMA7 especially to sir Jiggy Manicad for the opportunity to feature MS3 and our products in their program.

The Cacao & The Chocolate

The Philippines has the ideal growing of cacao trees because of the tropical climate, the fertility of the soil which is ideal for growing of cacao.

Strictly monitored the process from Post-harvest till the production of chocolates.


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